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June 27, 2015


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Excellent article, Carol. I, too, hope this decision helps change society's understanding!

As always, you are a masterful writer, Carol. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt thoughts.

Indeed, just because the Supreme Court ruled marriages legal in all states -- this act will not be readily accepted throughout our country. But it is a beginning and everything starts there!

Why is it "we" (???) are often so closed to new happenings in our lifetime? When something happens that we could not be willing to experience, it does not mean it is not what other special persons need/want/deserve.

I firmly believe it is human nature for "all" to want to be in a relationship wherein there is love and commitment. Now gay persons can have that freedom. For sure that will help straight spouses/any children who were hurt in the divorces of their straight/gay parents.

One "group" does not have all the answers for everyone else. I need to stand up for equality of others as I believe that is more beneficial than hurtful.

As I've firmly stated before, "When we know each other as persons instead of 'labels' then we all benefit."

Sometimes we just need to be "pushed" into new understandings instead of searching for them in our own interest/time!

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