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November 06, 2014


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As always, thanks to you, Carol, for your insightful advice shared here. In reading this, I am thinking these ideas could certainly be helpful for any persons to ponder :--

1) especially anyone divorced for any reason yet considering remarriage,

2) widowed persons dating again,

3) for straight spouses dating and/or perhaps wanting commitment, and

4) even for young engaged couples about to wed.

It was kind of you to mention my book, Silent Sagas: Unsung Sorrows. True, writing can be a very helpful tool in addressing whatever is in your heavy heart. However, I did not write it with the intent of it becoming a book. It was never my ambition but since all this happened, I can affirm things are often seen in a better perspective when they are written words which you can see/ edit/delete/add more. Writing can be healing. Just sit down and begin typing or writing in cursive. The words will come! Perhaps these are words only read (and deleted/shredded) by you, but I believe getting the thoughts “out of your mind” can help move you onward.

I am very impressed that someone dating a straight spouse wrote for your insights, Carol. I feel confident that all you shared will be very beneficial. And my thanks, also, to your husband for his input in this subject addressed.

When we can reach out to risk being open, honest, and caring listeners, we all benefit and continue to grow as individuals. In reality, often times we grow because of “circumstances” instead of just deciding you want to learn new ways to relate, etc…. I can attest that the result is of benefit to everyone as we continue learning to relate whether that was our objective or not.

In essence, I believe someone needs to WANT to better understand someone else in order for that to happen. Then it can result for the betterment of all concerned. Do not rush the process. Remember that you are no longer alone – we are here for each other.

Thanks for posting this, Carol, and I hope it was helpful to the person who asked the initial question. Kathe, I really liked what you said about picking what you want in a new partner and not compromising. Louella, I have also encountered those repeat anniversaries and the unexpected emotions that come with them.

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