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  • Carol Grever has been a successful businesswoman and English professor. From personal experience, she's authored two books and produced a documentary on straight spouse recovery. A recognized spokesperson on straight spouse issues, she's appeared on major network TV shows, including "The Oprah Winfrey Show" and "Good Morning America." You can read more about Carol here.

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May 02, 2013


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What an amazing account of Karen's marriage, and what compassion she showed to care for her husband during his terminal illness. I sincerely hope she has found new love, and is loved as she so richly deserves.

I'm touched by how she said, "We loved each other in our way, and I decided that would be good enough." That's exactly what I did with my own husband. Karen seems like a wonderful and accepting person. I hope freedom has been a blessing.

We show our true colors under stress and pressure. Karen demonstrates compassion and love to which we can all aspire. I imagine her acceptance and love was a tremendous comfort to her husband and to his lover. I hope she's now living the life she's chosen for herself, free from the expectations of others.

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