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November 10, 2012


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Thanks for your comment and interesting question, Mandy.  Ill comment on it on the blog. 

As always, your comments seem to me to be very wisely stated while shared with such insight and care. Thank you, Carol, for stating these.

If persons in general can become move accepting about diversity (of races, cultures, sexuality, religions, etc., etc.) then I, personally, believe we all benefit. We all have so much to learn from each other. Yet change is difficult....... why? Are we "afraid" to risk reaching out to know someone of a differing perspective? Again, why? Do we somehow feel threatened or challenged? Why?

Then I stop and realize that it would be just as difficult for me to change my thinking (I feel I am a moderate) to believe an ultra conservative way of thinking/being/acting. Yet in reality I sometimes think "how / why" can others possibly believe their narrow viewpoints when living in today's society?

I believe there has to be a give and take (that includes my learning / growing / changing, too)! I continue to profess that when we know persons as persons – and not as labels – then we all grow in understanding human nature and ourselves more fully.

Maybe we need to recognize that this “problem” didn’t happen overnight so it will take time to educate ourselves and others to new and wonderful ways of accepting reality. Whether one likes it or not, homosexuality is a reality. These election results can be a great beginning in order to be more fair to our children, to one’s spouse, or to oneself?

Carol, I so appreciate your excellent capsulation of where our country is after the election with marriage equality! The shift in public opinion toward marriage equality is incredibly heartening. I especially like your summation of what it means for relationships based on honesty, thank you.

I am very encouraged by the election results! However, just this morning I read about the Vatican reiterating it's stance against gay marriage and it seems, gays in general. Would love to hear your opinion on this ... What will it take for the Vatican to change it's position? Perhaps it can't change it's position because it's backed itself into a corner?

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