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October 20, 2008


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I really value Louella's comments (July 17) because she is a great example of a straight spouse who went through the familiar struggles, faced her options with terrific courage and determination, and reconfigured her life in a beautiful way. Today, she is happy in in a new career and a new marriage, and remains friends with her former husband. She's a real success story and a great role model for all of us. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog, Louella!
Carol Grever

I wish you could know how much I appreciate your wonderfully expressed views in the matter of how to tell one's family/friends/etc. about your spouse's homosexuality.

Having experienced such and having written a book about it (Silent Sagas: Unsung Sorrows -- Heterosexual Wife, Homosexual Husband -- found in Amazon -- along with your book/s, Carol) I have given the matter serious time, energies, and thoughts.

In essence, I believe when we see a person as a unique individual instead of as "label" (gay - lesbian - even as a race - a certain age - etc.) then we can care more for another human as the special person he/she is --- one who is also loved by our Creator.

Thanks for all you do on behalf of straight and gay spouses, Carol.

I was saddened by the passage of Prop 8 in California. Just when we are moving forward in the area of civil rights, we are now forcing the pendulum to swing in the opposite direction. I believe that God is not an angry, revengefully being, so why do humans make God to be so. Who really wrote the "Books" of all the religions?

I wish I could be so blithely urban about this whole issue. I can't. My bible still says that being a practicing homosexual is wrong and that one will lose their soul, as will I if I don't refrain from or repent from my anger over this or other sins. (Yes, I do believe that sins are present and aren't just "murder.") In Corinthians Paul said "such were some of you..." I know celebate gays and have no problem with that, but practicing gays I do not have the freedom to be so politically correct.

It's an easy answer, but not necessarily the right one for either or nation, or our former spouses.

I wish I could, but I can't.

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